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Concierge Services

Lincom Real Estate concierge program coordinates all the services you need to fix and maintain your property, developed to keep you in touch with local service providers to help you obtain the variety of services associated with buying or selling a property.

Lincom Real Estate concierge Representative is your personal assistance, a professional employee will help you order, schedule and manage many details before, during and after you buy or sell a home.

We’ve done the work for you and selected the best vendor that meets our standards from property repair, property maintenance to complete property renovation helping you with all of your real estate needs their high responsiveness, qualifications and quality of work are among the many factors considered with special Discounts provided by Lincom Real Estate partners.

Construction, Interior Design and Finishing

  • Designs: AutoCAD, Photoshop, 3D…etc.
  • Construction work
  • Decoration
  • Furniture design
  • Brick and Block vents
  • Aluminum work
  • Marble and Granite
  • Stone work
  • Tiles (ceramic, mosaic, etc.)
  • Painting o Carpentry work (doors, locks….etc.)
  • Lighting and electrical work
  • Sanitary work
  • Kitchen and Bath
  • Steel and Metal work
  • Windows and Glass
  • Home accessories
  • Carpeting
  • Fire Fighting systems
  • Appliances
  • A / C
  • Earth work
  • Landscaping
  • Consulting services


  • Office Furniture
  • Home Furniture

General Services

  • Cleaning (Furniture, carpets, curtains, etc.).
  • Cleaner sofas and chairs.
  • Fabric cleaned.
  • Stains removed.
  • Thorough and professional cleaning process using Kirby machines.
  • Promotions.
  • Free inspection and evaluation

Pest Control

  • Guaranteed pest control services for your property, business and gardens.
  • Free evaluation.
  • Free follow up within 1 month.
  • Use safe, yet effective materials with international standards.

Recruitment Services

  • Maids and Babysitters
  • Home and office cleaning.
  • A wide range of nationalities (Egyptians, Indonesians, Sudanese, Ethiopians, Pilipino, etc.)
  • Legal residence for foreign maids.
  • Two weeks trial for resident maids.
  • Maid can be changed within the first three months without paying extra fees.
  • Cookers
  • International cuisine (Italians, French, Chinese, Egyptian, etc.)
  • Can be changed within the first three months without paying extra fees
  • Drivers
  • Experience.
  • International license.
  • Can be changed within the first three months without paying extra fees.

Moving and Packing

  • Moving from door to door.
  • Professional packing.
  • Storage.

Car Rental

  • Economic Car rent
  • Luxurious Car rent.
  • Drivers available.
  • Long term Car rental.


Lincom Real Estate after sale service can provide you with all the maintenance services that you may require. All you have to do is to contact us. All our workers are trained to offer you the highest quality service to meet any of your maintenance needs, including:

  • Air conditioning and heating.
  • Plumbing.
  • Appliance repair.
  • Handyman service – Carpentry, Electrician, etc.

As the platform real estate investment search site, Lincom Real Estate Jsc. is a fully integrated real estate investment, recognized in Egypt by industry leaders as the leading real estate network in Egypt known for providing the fastest and best services for those who are interested in Real Estate investment projects and property services. Our extensive list of investment opportunities and properties including apartment, villa, plot of land, building, hotel or new development for sale enables you to search and browse unique properties from across Hurghada, El Gouna, Sahl Hasheesh, Marsa Alam, Sharm El Sheikh, Red Sea Coast, Luxor, Aswan, Cairo, Alexandria and all over Egypt.

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