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The development of raw land by clearing, providing infrastructure and construction has been a profitable process. Take into consideration that the prices of land in the red sea coast is growing rapidly over the last few years.

This type of investment is considered less risky and guaranties money than many other types of investment. Once the investment has been analyzed and discovered to be a viable investment opportunity offering the required returns on investment within the desired timescales, the investor must be sure that the vendor is reliable and secure.

There have been many documented cases of developers taking funds for projects for which they do not even own the land title, or building permission having not been fully granted. Construction has consequently been halted, often resulting in the investor loosing all or part of the investment.The good news is that these situations can be easily avoided and Lincom Real Estate team works with the investor to ensure that projects we offer meet certain criteria. This ensures that all Lincom Real Estate offered investments are as secure as possible, allowing members the best possible opportunity to safely maximize returns from every investment. Some of the usual checks carried out are listed below:

Building License:

These licenses required prior to construction. Many projects work on a pre-release basis and these licenses may not be in operation at this stage. Lincom Real Estate offers pre-release opportunities to investors, allowing for the earliest possible entry into projects. In the case of pre-release opportunities, monies should be held in Lincom Real Estate bank account and only released to the developer when all relevant licenses are granted.

Developer Background Checks/Track record

It is important that a developer has a traceable background and experience. Often previous projects are a good point of reference to future projects. Lincom Real Estate will look to offer projects from experienced developers with high standards and a reputation for completing on time.

Land Title Confirmation

Obviously any developer must own the land they intend to construct on. In the past there have been cases of rogue developers taking funds from clients for properties and never having legal title to the land. This is rarely a problem today and is easily checked. It is also essential that an investor understands that he/she is buying a freehold property and that title of the land will be transferred upon completion.

Re-Assignable Contracts

Although not as common as in the past, due to the uncertainty of the investment, some investors look to operate a "buy to flip" strategy. This basically means the investor will look to place a minimum down payment to secure a property and look to resell the unit(s) during the construction process, prior to completion. In order to do this the contracts must be re-assignable and any administration fees must be highlighted. Without these factors being fully understood, the investment strategy could be rendered useless.

Fund Security

Lincom Real Estate looks at the buying process and ensures it is as secure as possible for investor members.

Build Quality Guarantees

All good developers offer a guarantee on construction and a detailed quality specification.Lincom Real Estate makes sure these qualities and their offered guarantees are to a required high standard. Building specifications are also made available to investors.

Land Price Estimation

How is the price of land determined? The following factors determine the price of land:

  • Location.
  • How it’s close to the beach.
  • Views.
  • Infrastructure and foundations.
  • Land Permissions to construct and build (How many floors you can build).

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