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Sahl Hasheesh

Sahl Hasheesh In one of the most beautiful bays of the Red Sea, just 20 km from Hurghada airport, the Premium Resort Sahl Hasheesh is currently being created. In the 12 km long bay with its wonderful sandy beaches emerges with the Premium Resort Sahl Hasheesh a new "hot spot" of the absolute superlative.

The infrastructure in the Resort has already been entirely completed, the opening of the first few hotels and luxury apartments is scheduled for the first half-year 2007.

Fairy-tale hotels, luxurious villas and apartments, a new “Old Town with the flair of 1001 nights, unforgettable diving areas, golf courts, a cinema complex as well as a worldwide unique marina – the Premium Resort Sahl Hasheesh – soon one of the most exclusive addresses at the sea.

Imbedded in the spectacular surroundings of the Premium Resort Sahl Hasheesh, exclusive apartments and villas are emerging in immediate vicinity of the beach on the highest quality lots Palm Beach Piazza, El Andalous and Ocean Breeze, offering investors a first rate price/performance ratio – including a free sea view.

Short flight times from all European capitals, a warm climate throughout the year and the ongoing effective development of the touristic potential provide for a constant, dynamic progression of the real estate prices in Egypt, especially at the Red Sea. Growth rates of clearly more than 50% are not unusual.

Sahl Hasheesh Facts and Figures

Location: 20km from Hurghada international airport

Weather: Sunny all year round, with slight wind in months October – Jan, but that is the “high season.”

Golf Holes: There are 36 holes, half on the water and the other half on the hillside. The perfect golf “haven” for the pros and beautiful scenery for the amateurs. The beginners also have the luxury of lessons at all times so they can have fun as well as learn. Our trained professionals can help you become a winner!

Space: Percentage of gardens to buildings in Sahl Hasheesh is 13-14% building area and the rest is divided among gardens and desert.

Sahl Hasheesh Features and Projects

Sahl Hasheesh Sahl Hasheesh has hotels that offer luxury and exquisite charm, due to the superb architecture and master plan designs that have taken place. The entire resort community is based on a historic concept, which is not only seen by the exterior of the hotels but the lavish interior in addition. Each hotel in Sahl Hasheesh has a different theme and aura behind it making them each one of a kind.

The hotels are not the only places guests can spend their time in Sahl Hasheesh. Sahl Hasheesh has an array of places to go and each area of this dynamic resort will show visitors that they never need to leave. In building an established resort there is always one main concept: cater to all peoples needs. Without this idea a resort will never be fully established, and Sahl Hasheesh is Boat lovers? Yes, you have come to the right place! Sahl Hasheesh has one of the largest marinas in the region, as well as a yacht club.

With a resort community as large as this one and with so many foreign investors, it is imperative that we have enormous vicinity for boats and yachts to dock. Having a "yacht club" is a little something extra in Sahl Hasheesh for those people who really love the sea so they can meet with people and enjoy a passion they have. Guests who do not have yachts or boats can still go lounge at the "yacht club".

Yachts and sailboats in the open sea are great and perfect for a little adventure…but what if one wants to relax and take a canoe or "gondola?" You could always pack up and travel to Venice, Italy or maybe not…this is something you have to see to believe, Sahl Hasheesh's own "little Venice." For those locals who cannot travel to Italy and for those foreigners who don't have the time for a "romantic" get away, we have brought the city of love to you. It is a miniature version of Venice with all the small canal and gondolas, and the endearing boutique hotels on the water. The miniature bridges connecting hotels to areas across the Sahl Hasheesh canal.

Sahl Hasheesh's aim is to be a resort unlike any other in the region and slowly developing this concept. One of our main attractions, which don't exist in the Middle East or Africa, is the "Sunken City." You read it right, we are building an entire historic city underwater, the same as the" lost city of Atlantis." The ruins of the city will be seen underwater, and the concept is a pharonic city that was part of Sahl Hasheesh area, which sank millions of years ago. While walking along the boardwalk, which connects to the pier that extends into the water 250m, one will be able to see the "sunken city" whilst standing on dry land.

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