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Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam Located in eastern Egypt and on the west coast of the Red Sea. Marsa Alam is one of the fastest growing holiday destinations on the Red Sea Riviera. Although until recent times a small fishing village, the introduction of an International Airport in 2001 has seen Marsa Alam's popularity grow, so much so that it is soon expected to rival fellow Egyptian holiday resorts Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh.

Marsa Alam was once a small fishing village but has grown into one of the major tourist areas in Egypt with plenty of holiday options. The recent development of an international airport, just 30 minutes drive from this resort, has ensured that Marsa Alam is the hottest new destination in Egypt - and we don't mean just the weather.
Situated near the Tropic of Cancer, Marsa Alam has a true tropical feeling, with its mangroves and palm trees, and its long beaches with fringing and barrier coral reefs. The awesome Wadi el Gemal National Park is in its outskirts, with 100km of pure Red Sea beach bliss and desert landscapes.

A coastline renowned for crystal-clear water, perfect for scuba diving or snorkelling if you prefer, attracts a relatively small number of tourists from around the world to Marsa Alam .However, Egypt's most southerly resort is increasing in popularity and with weekly UK flights from Manchester and Gatwick, it won't be long until more people discover the delights of the simply luxurious Marsa Alam.

Marsa Alam has many luxury hotels are centered around the turquoise waters of Coraya Bay. Days are generally spent relaxing in the sunshine or exploring the unspoilt coral reef, packed full of stunning marine life.Just a five hour flight from the UK, Egypt is becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations for those seeking sun and sand.With average temperatures of over twenty degrees celcius every month coupled with long sunshine hours, this is the closest you will come to ensuring that you will have good weather for your holiday.

Take advantage of your holiday in Marsa Alam to explore the historic city of Luxor where ancient temples await. Sail across the world famous Nile to view the Valley of the Kings. The appeal of Marsa Alam lies in its tropical appearance, boasting rich blue sea coasts fringed with coral reef barriers, paradisiacal beaches and proud palm trees. Marsa Alam has as a result become a favourite of divers eager to explore the resorts numerous unspoilt diving sites where spinner dolphins and sea turtles swim freely.Other holidaymakers are attracted to the resort's undisturbed tranquillity.

Marsa Alam's relatively remote location, approximately four hours away from the popular Hurghada resort, makes it the ideal destination for a peaceful, relaxing vacation.Though Marsa Alam remains relatively undiscovered for now, a major boom in the resort's tourism market is inevitably on the horizon. A flood of investment capital, funding new hotel, leisure and entertainment developments, is set to transform the area in to a vibrant, world renowned holiday destination.

Only recently, the Libra Holidays group announced plans to develop a brand new five million square foot sea front resort, bringing additional hotel accommodation, shopping facilities and leisure activities to Marsa Alam. With other large holiday firms developing similar plans, it is a matter of time before one of Egypt's best kept secrets is discovered by the tourist world at large volumes.

Marsa Alam Facts and Figures

  • 450 KM from Hurghada.
  • 420 KM from Sahl Hasheesh.
  • 900 KM from Cairo.
  • Charter flights available through Marsa Alam international air port all year.
  • Mild climate and sun shine all year around.
  • Fabulous nature and coral reefs.
  • Breathtaking beauty of the Red Sea.
  • World famous beaches.
  • Amazing diving and water activities 365 days a year.
  • Few hours flight from any European country.
  • Low cost of living *Friendly and safe atmosphere.
  • Developed infrastructure.
  • Low real estate sale prices, taxes and utility payments.

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