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Be my†second home!

We arrive in Egypt, bath in a gentle Sea, bask in the warm sun, and then again fly back home - in a snowy city, houses and apartments with central heatingAnd it is good if it is raining outside the window, but if it is continuously -20 the second week, only dreams can save us. And we always dream of one thing – to have an opportunity to come back to the warm and friendly Egypt. We dream to come here, like to our home.


Invest in pleasure!

Have you ever thought about where is the most advantageous thing to invest? Some of them say it is a currency, some – it is for gold, someone – in the business. Each choice is based on its own way. But much nicer to spend money for their own pleasure, is’t it?

Knowing that it is also the most real investment.

We're talking about buying a real estate. No garage, no factory, but beautiful, comfortable homes or apartments with sea views. You say – it is a Dream, we respond – it is a Reality!

Why here?

One can endlessly talk about the wonderful warm climate of Egypt, the temperature not lower than 14 degrees and no higher than 40, a beautiful city, which has everything for comfortable living and recreation, the diving and snorkeling, incredible historical sights and many other advantages of Egypt - you know all this. But ...

We have to admit that after the revolution many people were afraid even to come to Egypt on holiday, not to acquire their own property. But as they say, time is upon us: today the market is stable and continues to grow. Tourists have already realized that the rest of Egypt is safety again, they came back to the Red Sea coast, occupied hotels and beaches of resorts. Those who wants to be really close to here, prefer to purchase a house for his ownership. And they do it rightly: where else you can quickly and easily buy a house, and also the sun and warmth in addition – for a relatively small amount. The benefit of this acquisition will stay with you for a long time: in Egypt not only property is cheap but life as well. Coming on vacation or just living here in your own home or apartment, you will appreciate the beauty of the situation: communal payments, food prices, essential commodities, including gasoline – all these are penny. One only electricity is 3 times cheaper.



Why now?

It is necessary to admit that security concerns have not completely left the heads of our fellow citizens, and they don’t buy as much as they could. And meanwhile the moment is the most right one. After the revolution prices of construction materials in the country have fallen sharply, which made affect for the cost of housing in general. And small demand does his work too. However to nowadays investors have begun to raise their heads and look in the direction of Egyptian real estate market with interest. But as long as prices are hold steady, and this worthwhile moment is to use it.


Price of question

So how much can cost a joy to get the ownership of property in Egypt? The market is full of a variety of apartments and studios, villas and cottages, houses and authentic palaces. As they say – for every taste and purse. You can simply buy the land, here it is also relatively cheap. And you can build your own house - such as would be desirable to you. Generically, do your choice!

It is worth noting that the government carries on a very loyal policy toward to foreign investors: property taxes are much lower (on the property value of less than $75,000 tax is not levied), than in the most of other countries, the system of home purchase is simple too.

Consider the opportunities of guaranteed active income – it is your property to lease out! We choose a company to manage our apartment - and we get the great extra income every six months or one time per year. All the care for your property and responsibility of it fall on the shoulders of the managing company. It is very convenient!



Instead of conclusion

Look at all these fantastic opportunities that Egypt offers you with love. And make your own choice – choose a magic mood on the shores of a wonderfully colorful sea, fresh sea breeze and delight of sandy beaches, warmed by gentle sunshine of this wonderful place ...


Source: Lincom Real Estate Magazine

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